Why Love Marriages Are Not Successful?

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Published: 19th August 2010
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Love is the most precious thing of this world which cannot be expressed openly. Unfortunately, few couples donít take this emotion seriously and get indulged themselves into serious fights and quarrels with each other. Isnít it funny, before marriage you say beautiful and pretty words and after marriage, you become enemy and donít want to bear harsh words. If this is love then nobody shouldnít go in love with anyone. There must be deep intimacy between you and your partner which should last for many good years. If it doesnít happen then you didnít ever love to your partner. There is a need to understand some points which can make your life worth.

Love always showers pleasant feelings over the heads of lovers. When you say you are in love with someone, itís your prior responsibility to take care of the feelings of your partner. You shouldnít hurt him/her at any cost; no matters you are too much aggressive and are having blunt attitude. When you love your partner, you have to tolerate many things, you have to bear harsh words and you have to sacrifice your personalityís negative aspects just for the sake of making your lover happy. This is the best recipe to make your love life successful and through this, you can get most of the happy moments in your life.

I will discuss after marriage love intimacies which often are not lasted. Reasons are many which have to be considered and taken into your special consideration. Mistakes are being made by both men and women. If one partner says I am right then he/she should realize that nobody is perfect in this world. Majority married women suffer these kinds of problems. She thinks that her husband is changed now and he is not behaving in the same way he was in the past. You must understand that it happens. Nobody can remain constant for long time. Every human being changes with the time.

After marriage, men have many responsibilities to fulfill. He has to take care of many issues which cannot be handled by the women. He has a lot of pressure which distracts his attentions. But it doesnít mean that his love for you is decreased and he forgot all your love and emotions which he had previously. If he takes up the responsibilities and is able to handle various issues of house then he is considered to be a responsible and sincere person who knows how to cope up with the marital issues. You should appreciate him instead of behaving awkwardly. You should go side by side with him so that he can be free from extreme pressure of not handling household issues.

On the other hand, men donít realize that they are bothering their wives and how to make her happy. What a woman wants? Closeness, sweet words of her husband, his support and romantic intimacy. When you come home after office, give her a sweet smile and give her a kiss on her forehead which will give a very comfortable feeling that you care for her. Instead of showing your bored face, make her realize that all the things you are doing only for her.

You should go outside every evening to get out of your whole day hectic routine. Enjoy every moment with her and try to overcome the quarrels with each other. If somehow any issue arises then try to figure out the solutions instead of prolonging your love fight. These are the best way to make your life comfortable, free from worries and successful. Your marriage should be gone in a way that it would become example for many other people, who are unable to understand each other after marriage.

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